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Does the idea seem far-fetched? Does becoming a published author not seem within grasp? Well, you needn’t fret; Stellar Ghostwriting is here to help. We have aided an abundance of talented writers in realizing their dream of becoming published authors. Stellar Ghostwriting has, through our years of experience, crafted a reputation for exceptional work as well as on-time delivery. Our elite team of writers is guaranteed not to miss the mark, be it fiction ghostwriting or non-fiction tales; we ensure to be dedicated in every genre. So just click and start your journey with us.


Ebook Writing

It can be intimidating to have to publish an E-book. We understand this, and so, here at Stellar Ghostwriting, we have a team of innovative writers who will assist in bringing your vision to life.


Audio Book

Ever wondered how so many writers transform their artistic endeavors into audiobooks? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Let our voice-over artists breathe life into your books using their wide range of voices.


Video Trailer

An excellent way to lure readers towards your book is to make a video trailer. Your book trailer will not only aid in grasping the attention of readers but can also be a means to gauge how much interest people show.


Author Website

Being google relevant is just as necessary as being published for a writer. So, our team summons their creative energies to make sure your work is exciting enough to leave a lasting web impression.


Proofreading Services

The first draft is important, and our proofreaders refine that draft, polishing it before bringing it to life.


Book Publishing

We know publishing can be daunting with the agents and letters. But fret not; our team will guide you through every process, illuminating all the technicalities.


Book Marketing

Without a good marketing team, one’s book may fall into obscurity. Fortunately, our team is one of the best in the industry.


Book Formatting

Formatting is like the spine of the book. Without chapters and sections, it can seem inconsistent. Nevertheless, good formatting can make it cohesive and alluring.


Book Cover Design

An eye-catching cover is equally as important as an interesting story. After all, millions of copies can be printed and sold. Fortuitously our roster of designers always creates the most eye-captivating covers that lure the readers in.


Book Editing

Editing is tedious; you tease out grammatical errors while enhancing the text with rewrites. Each work goes through a rigorous process through our editors to ensure a perfect text.

How to avail our Ghostwriting Services

As one of the finest ghostwriting firms, we provide opportunities for our clients to achieve tremendous success in the E-book world. We diligently boost their internet visibility and allow them to outperform their competitors through innovative ways. That is why we make our procedures and services flexible and simple to use.

You can easily learn how to hire a book writer at the most inexpensive costs by visiting the Stellar Ghostwriting website. We have a team full of authors, each with their own unique set of skills. You may see sample work and even communicate with them before placing an order. We keep everything transparent and aim for guaranteed client satisfaction.

Compose and publish your book and own it completely; you are entitled to 100% rights and profits. Your requests, such as the difficulty, the industry, and quality, may require bespoke pricing. To get a precise estimate, please call toll free (888) 292-3252, start a live chat.

Bringing Your
Imagination To Life.

We specialize in all variations of the genres.


Creating a world or a narrative is no easy task, be it dystopian or otherwise. World-building requires no small amount of talent combined with unrelenting determination and we have a team enshrouded in both.

Non Fiction

Political texts don’t have to be boring. We can make your guide on mortgages and economics accessible to the layperson without all the technical language. Our writers know how to make instructions engaging and informative at once.


Not all of us lead ordinary lives, some people are so inspiring that the world deserves to know their story. We make sure the reader lends a sympathetic ear to your life’s journey.


Books can teach us a lot of things, particularly ones that list everything you have to do from A-Z, we can help research the right techniques to do everything from building a house to learning law.


Some books tend to entice intimacy, they compel the reader to realize their own and the writer’s experiences are shared. We create the most poignant life narratives ensuring the world views it with a touch of kindness.

Children's Book

Many facets go into writing a children's book, including skill, experience, creativity, and common vision. We at Stellar Ghostwriting offer content management services tailored specifically to your audience.

Self Help Book

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, and one of the best ways to do it is by reading a self-help book. Our writers use the most practical and simplest of language to get the writer’s messages across coherently.

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We believe communication is key and so we send the first chapter to you for approval. It is our prerogative to ensure you are happy with the tone and writing style.

Feedback &

We have built a reputation for expertly performing revisions whilst also simultaneously ensuring timely deliveries of projects.

Editing &

Once your book is complete, it goes through a rigorous process of being edited and proofread by the apt professionals on our team. This ensures you are delivered only top-notch content.

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Will I be able to publish my book in any genre?

Yes, our team of Stellar Ghostwriting have great experience with various styles of writing and are capable to fabricate the most compelling and innovative content in any genre, such as, fiction, non-fiction, autobiography, memoire, self-help book, article writing, journal writing etc.

This varies from client to client, the length of your book and how many changes are required with each new chapter.

The customer service is accessible 24/7 and will answer all your questions on time.

We ensure that the text flows smoothly and is engaging throughout. We also make sure that your suggestions are incorporated to the best of our abilities.