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Children’s developing stages are crucial, and we understand this. So, to that end, our picture books are filled with unforgettable characters and stories with a meaningful message. Reading can be fun for both parents and children alike.

IMMERSE YOURSELF IN THE MAGIC A child’s imagination is something to cultivate and nourish,
much like the child itself.

A magical guide, such as a fairy or elf or giant. These are the kinds of thoughts wandering in most children’s heads. Yet, writing a book which caters to them can be at times difficult, it can become an amalgamation of easy and terrifying. Nevertheless, with a little guidance, you can make sure to attract thousands of readers, children, and adults alike to your story. Trust us, no feeling can compare with the excitement in the twinkling eyes of a child when they read something that entices their imagination.

Compose and publish your book and own it completely; you are entitled to 100% rights and profits. Your requests, such as the difficulty, the industry, and quality, may require bespoke pricing. To get a precise estimate, please call toll free (888) 292-3252, start a live chat.

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Place your Order

Choose the tone of your story and what kind of writing style you’re looking for.

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Approval of 1st Chapter

Our writing process begins, and after we’ve sent the first chapter over and gotten your seal of approval we move on to the next.

Step 03

Feedback & Revision

Upon finishing we deliver your writing to you via e-mail to make sure it lives up to your standards.

Step 04

Illustration & Formatting

After conferring with you about your illustrations and delivering them, our ghostwriters further assist you in the book’s lay-out, formatting and type-setting.

Step 05

Book Publication

Upon receiving your final seal of approval, we move to bring your work to fruition by publishing it.

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Children’s books are frequently organized by
the age group of the target audience

Picture books: (Manuscript Only)

Early reader books: (Manuscript Only)

Chapter books: (Manuscript Only)

Middle-grade books: (Manuscript Only)