We offer professional book editing services that can aid your book towards perfection.

Get impeccable results with our premium ebook editing and proofreading services.

Stellar Ghostwriting is known for its deluxe editing and proofreading services. We promise flawless content that takes your book to the level of perfection. Our team of experienced professionals leaves no stone unturned in making sure your book is top-notch and error-free.

  • Substantial Editing - to Improve Structure
  • Editing – Rewriting or Paraphrasing
  • Error Free Text – Grammar & Punctuation
  • Manuscript Formatting – Well Organized Writing
  • Critical Reviews – Filling in the Loopholes
  • Publishing – Comprehensive Publishing Services

Ensuring The Final Draft is Immaculate That’s What We Do Best

Editing and proofreading is not everyone’s cup of tea. Regardless of how skilled you are; experience is what counts the most. Having dealt with many bestselling authors, our experience is what gets your book from being ordinary to extraordinary!.


  • Service comprises of: Extensive editing, and improvement of the overall syntax and content readability.
  • Suitable for: Non-native speakers and people who want to take their content to the next level.


  • Service Comprises of: A thorough review of the content to make it better. It consists of careful attention to detail, syntax, and overall structure.
  • Suitable for: Non-native speakers, people who simply need a final look at their content.


  • Service comprises: A final plagiarism checks and overview of the structure.
  • Suitable for: Non-native speakers and everyone who seeks authentic content.

Compose and publish your book and own it completely; you are entitled to 100% rights and profits. Your requests, such as the difficulty, the industry, and quality, may require bespoke pricing. To get a precise estimate, please call toll free (888) 292-3252, start a live chat.

We Take You to The Best-Selling Shelf Space
with Our Simple 5 Step Process


The client is required to send in their manuscript and fill in a questionnaire so the team can understand their needs and expectations.


We then go through the draft, point out our editing suggestions, and without making any changes, forward it to the client for their feedback.


Once the client approves our suggestions, we start editing the document on common grounds. The editing experts revise the changes twice for fewer errors.

Review and

The editors then forward the document to our expert proofreading professionals who give their reviews and run a final check before finalizing.


The proofread content is further forwarded to the clients for their final take on the edits. Once they are satisfied, we align it with the publishing department.

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