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At Stellar Ghostwriting, we’re dedicated to providing you with impeccable content. We have all it takes to ensure a best-selling and award-winning book. We have a diverse pool of highly qualified writers coming from different backgrounds such as arts, sciences, technology, media, and so forth. This diversity is what equips us to provide you with well-researched and flawless content.

  • Seal of Approval - 100% original Content.
  • Reviewed by editors – error free copy
  • Unlimited Revisions – for all your book projects
  • Rights of Ownership Maintained – No reselling.

What Our Ghostwriting Services Entail

Experienced or not, making errors is only human. Nevertheless, fret not this is where our proofreaders come in.

  • Writing Genuine Content Based
    on Your Idea
  • Critical Review, Editing,
    and Proofreading
  • Extensive Formatting, Typesetting,
    and Designing
  • Publishing, Branding, Marketing,
    and Promotions
  • Critical review and analysis
  • Book coaching
  • Copy editing
  • Line editing
  • Developmental editing

Compose and publish your book and own it completely; you are entitled to 100% rights and profits. Your requests, such as the difficulty, the industry, and quality, may require bespoke pricing. To get a precise estimate, please call toll free (888) 292-3252, start a live chat.

Bringing Your
Imagination To Life.

We specialize in all variations of the genres.


Creating a world or a narrative is no easy task, be it dystopian or otherwise. World-building requires no small amount of talent combined with unrelenting determination and we have a team enshrouded in both.

Non Fiction

Political texts don’t have to be boring. We can make your guide on mortgages and economics accessible to the layperson without all the technical language. Our writers know how to make instructions engaging and informative at once.


Not all of us lead ordinary lives, some people are so inspiring that the world deserves to know their story. We make sure the reader lends a sympathetic ear to your life’s journey.


Books can teach us a lot of things, particularly ones that list everything you have to do from A-Z, we can help research the right techniques to do everything from building a house to learning law.


Some books tend to entice intimacy, they compel the reader to realize their own and the writer’s experiences are shared. We create the most poignant life narratives ensuring the world views it with a touch of kindness.

Children's Book

Many facets go into writing a children's book, including skill, experience, creativity, and common vision. We at Stellar Ghostwriting offer content management services tailored specifically to your audience.

Self Help Book

There’s nothing wrong with asking for help, and one of the best ways to do it is by reading a self-help book. Our writers use the most practical and simplest of language to get the writer’s messages across coherently.

We Take You to The Best-Selling Shelf Space
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Place your

Provide us with the necessary details and invaluable thoughts pertaining to your project. Then, we diligently perform our research relating to the topic after which we start work on your writing project.

Approval of 1st

We believe communication is key and so we send the first chapter to you for approval. It is our prerogative to ensure you are happy with the tone and writing style.

Feedback &

We have built a reputation for expertly performing revisions whilst also simultaneously ensuring timely deliveries of projects.

Editing &

Once your book is complete, it goes through a rigorous process of being edited and proofread by the apt professionals on our team. This ensures you are delivered only top-notch content.

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