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Looking to market your masterpiece? Well, you've come to the perfect solution, Stellar Ghostwriting has a roster of expert marketing professionals at your beck and call.

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Want to showcase the qualities and benefits of your book? At Stellar Ghostwriting, we provide comprehensive book promotion services. We take responsibility for all the hassles, letting authors free their minds to focus on their next book.

Personal Marketing Assistants

Looking to market your masterpiece? We can help you highlight your skills and qualities in the most impressive manner. We establish a sophisticated online or digital persona while marketing your book.

Social Media Set-Up

Setting up social media profiles can have umpteenth beneficial effects in assisting to promote your written materials. Being online and accessible to more readers in a digital space is vital. Our professional experts of social media handle and manage various social media accounts with a vigilant approach.

Creative and Appealing Bookmarks

One of the most effective and unique means of spreading awareness and book promotion is via bookmarks. They have proven to be an important way to make sure your book comes across new readers.

Digital Postcards

To further enhance the quality and level of creativity, we utilize digital postcards which have proven to be an ideal choice. They generate a long-lasting impact and when professionally customized, postcards can become even more effective.

Business Cards

One of the key aspects in the business world that cannot be ignored is a business card and any world-class author is incomplete without a professionally designed business card. An exquisitely crafted business card will bring readers closer to you.

Small and Attractive Posters

A compelling and captivating poster can boost your book launching event's authenticity and add more value to it. Posters are a great way to get instant attention and attraction from the audience, not only that, but posters have the ability to hang in a reader’s bedroom long after they’ve finished your book; reminding them of your masterpiece.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is known for its simplistic approach, and its visual interface is similar to that of a hard copy of a book.

Book Video Trailers

A book video trailer plays an integral role in grasping the attention of authors, audience, and marketers alike. With an effective video trailer strategy, you can gain more readership and spectators.

Press Release

Our skillful writers produce great, original, compelling, and seamless press releases to announce book’s launch in the most meaningful way possible.

Marketing on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms have proven to be one of the most effective places to market your book to an online audience. Social media can be ideal for getting the attention of 90% of Internet traffic, this aids in increasing readership and boosting sales.

Marketing Consultation

Stellar Ghostwriting has a roster of marketing experts with various strategies and tactics that will boost efforts for book promotion. By holding appealing and exclusive marketing sessions with the customers, we help them get attention and earn a massive scale reputation.

Apple Books

The digital version of a book can ensure better and immense exposure as compared to hardcopy. When the readers access the digital book on iPhone or iPad, they appreciate the book wholeheartedly.

Barnes and Noble Nook Edition

Another great platform to shower more attention on your book is Barnes and Noble's Nook Edition. Through this platform, you can get your digital publishing done to improve your reputation automatically and massively.

Author Website

An Author’s website is equally as important as the author; it lures in new audiences effectively when other means may fail. Our team of specialists will design you an innovative website based on your idea, combined with our experience and expertise. We guarantee the author’s information is presented candidly and, in a manner, alluring to the eyes.

Article Writing

As a team, we produce immaculate articles that target your readers and the business world. The topics we cover offer originality and a unique perspective. Combining this approach with the proper optimization techniques, images, and graphics will allow you to increase your readership and brand recognition.

Audio Book

Keeping inclusivity in mind can be advantageous in all aspects of life. For example, it would be good to release audiobooks alongside hard copies and e-versions since you are a writer. Then, with the help of our audio artists, your written work becomes a magical experience as natural as reading a book.

Compose and publish your book and own it completely; you are entitled to 100% rights and profits. Your requests, such as the difficulty, the industry, and quality, may require bespoke pricing. To get a precise estimate, please call toll free (888) 292-3252, start a live chat.

We take you to the best-Selling Shelf Space with Our Simple Step Process

Step 01


Reserve your spot by filling out a simple brief and providing all relevant information about your book. You will instantly be welcomed by one of the project managers. Once the manager has received all the necessary information, your order will be confirmed.

Step 02

Research & Determining
Target Audience

After conducting thorough research, the talented marketers we assign to your project devise an effective strategy for your book. Our team of experienced marketers can determine, with affluence which audience will best suit your book and target them accordingly.

Step 03

First Marketing
Strategy Approval

As soon as the first marketing strategy is developed, we send it over for your approval. Once accepted, we begin the execution, effectively starting your project’s marketing journey from obscurity to fame.

Step 04


Our marketers will create such excitement around your book before the launch that it will become difficult not to see your project everywhere the head turns. We achieve this by creating alluring posts, opening pre-bookings, and advertisements in top-tier, relevant newspapers and magazines.

Step 05


Our team of expert marketers is well-versed in planning the perfect book launch, inviting guests who can and will play a pivotal role in marketing your project. They can do this by enhancing public relations and hiring relevant media individuals.

Step 06


The book launch is not the last step; we journey with your further. Even after your book is released, our team does not rest. We believe this is a crucial time in determining the success of your work. Hence, we execute more promotional plans until we have achieved our goal of making your book a best seller.

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